What You Need To Bring When You Go Abroad (And It's Not What You Think!)

You need to bring the right mindset.

Forget everything else.

Bring the right mindset.

Forget what your friends and family told you. You're in a new country with new rules. The old way isn't going to work. You’ll need to be flexible.

Because when you're flexible, you can soak up all the language and culture that this new world has to offer.

After all, that's why you decided to travel abroad right? To explore a new culture and reap the new benefits of this life that can bring you new social and economic opportunities.

So, be brave and put yourself out there. Challenge yourself each and everyday.  Do something different.

Be courageous and speak the dialect. Who cares if your accent isn't perfect the first time. At least you tried!

And I assure you, after a dozen times of practice, it will be perfect. Bounce back quickly, and get after it!

That's what it takes to get fluent.  Consistency. Commitment. Care. 


Lillian Okoye

Lillian Okoye is the Founder of Fluent In Five. Zero To Fluent® is a language program for global-minded individuals who want to get fluent in lightning speed once and for all.

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